Science editors:
doctor of engineering, professor M.N. Mansurov
candidate of physics and mathematics D.A. Onishchenko
doctor of engineering, professor V.P. Bezkorovaynyy
doctor of engineering, professor A.I. Yermakov

It’s known that in comparison to common marine conditions the oil-gas industry of Russia has limited practical experience in prospecting and development of hydrocarbon reserves in Arctic and Far Eastern seas. Besides lack of industrial practice the marine projects related to the freezing seas meet with the unique complicated problems. Presence of sea ice and...

Science editor
doctor of geology and minerology V.A. Skorobogatov
doctor of engineering D.N. Krylov


Dear readers! I’d like to bring to your notice the collected articles of geologists and geophysicists from the Gazprom Group enterprises and other correspondent companies. This collection includes results of the most important recent studies in oil-gas geology. According to all forecasts, in XXI century the primary organic mineral energy resources will keep a leading position within a world fuel budget due to the prosperity of fossil fuels reserves and resources in many countries together with acceptable ...

Science editor
doctor of engineering, professor B.A. Grigoryev
doctor of engineering, professor A.I. Gritsenko
doctor of engineering, professor V.V. Sychev

A strategy for development of Gazprom PJSC mineral resource base intends that the reserve replacement ratio should be not less than a unity and the amount of common reserves will be kept up as not less than 29 1012 m3. Last ten years, the stable positive growth of reserves in comparison with a level of gas production has been achieved. Nowadays, increase of Russian resource potential of raw hydrocarbons is related to exploration of the complex field structures in Eastern Siberia, the Arctic and in offshore zones of Kaspian and Okhotsk seas, and, as a consequence, to creation of new centers of...

Science editor
doctor of engineering, professor V.S. Safonov
doctor of engineering, professor N.I. Ivanov

In pursuance of V.V. Putin instruction (see Instructions of the President of Russian Federation no. Pr-839 dated 29 March 2010, item 2b), in 2013–2016 symbolic changes of industrial safety legislation took place. The main purpose of these changes is to remove surplus administrative barriers for business by implementation of risk-oriented approach to designing and operation of dangerous industrial facilities. Such risk-oriented approach should be based on the risk analysis and enables to optimize administrative and technical risk-lowering...


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