V. 1 (46) / 2021: Actual issues in research of bedded hydrocarbon systems

Materials of this collected book summarize the output of the 3rd International scientific conference “Studies of Petroleum Reservoir Systems: Challenges & Prospects” (SPRS-2020). As is customary, the book highlights implementation of the state-of-art techniques for selection and analysis of core and in-situ fluid samples, physical and math models of embedded hydrocarbon systems, introduction of modern lab and field measuring instruments. Much attention is paid to unconventional reservoirs, as well as to standards and methodical guidelines.

Revealed information could be interesting for a wide range of specialists occupied with exploration and development of hydrocarbon fields, creation of software simulators of phase equilibrium, filtration, or heat and mass transfer in conditions of strata, wells, and field equipment. It will be also useful for students and post graduates from correspondent universities.


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